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The Obvious Expert

When my son, Mark Eldridge, and I wrote The Obvious Expert, I hoped it would help people build the careers they deserved–that’s why the subtitle is “Turbocharge Your Consulting or Coaching Business NOW!”

But I have to admit that I had no idea how many people would come to me telling me that the book had not only helped them, but had truly changed their lives. I feel deeply privileged that my lessons learned in the trenches have helped other people shortcut the process to quite literally, positioning themselves as the obvious expert in their field. Over and over again, I have people tell me that they were inspired to take that important step, and write a book about their expertise, because almost nothing you will ever do defines who you are quite like authorship.

But writing The Obvious Expert, and hearing the stories of all the people who have been inspired to write their own book because of it, has lead me to another project. Mark Hendricks and I, with the help of some other talented people, have created a program to help you write your book, quickly and easily.

I am going to designate tomorrow’s blog to writing about the new program, which is appropriately called, Create and Publish Your Book NOW.

July 2021