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IGPC Blog is in the News

Here’s a copy of the press release distributed today about the new IGPC blog:

WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA   October 01, 2007   Business News

(PRLEAP.COM) This week, the International Guild of Professional Consultants and Coaches, launched its new blog. The IGPC has provided educational support to consultants, coaches, small business people, and entrepreneurs in all types of practices and a diversity of fields for many years.

The IGPC works to further professionalism among consultants by offering programs and support services to enhance both the quality of services consultants provide to their clients and the profitability of their consulting practices. Elsom Eldridge, Jr., founder of IGPC, says, “This day of downsizing, rightsizing and restructuring has created a tremendous need for certified specialists to meet the demands of companies who are now outsourcing what was once done in-house. At the same time, the instability of the corporate world has left many people feeling that true job security lies in self-employment.”

Eldridge goes on to explain that consulting and coaches have become one of today’s fastest growing professions. IGPC is a membership and professional certification organization that uses numerous avenues to reach its global membership. The new IGPC blog is yet another way for the organization to communicate its message of business growth and opportunity to its members and future members.

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