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A Very Special Offer for Kevin Hogan’s new book

Today I need a huge favor.

My friend Kevin Hogan’s book, Selling: Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success is out and available, and today is the big promotion for it. I would be so massively appreciative if you would grab a copy right now using this link…. (Even if you don’t live in the USA, we’d deeply appreciate it if you used

OH! And even if you don’t actually sell anything to anyone….please pick up a copy of this book and use it as a gift for someone at Christmas. You’ll still win big, because there is a wonderful Thank You Package that has been developed just for you.

Briefly: This book is terrific. It covers all kinds of new territory and shows people how to sell in groups, how to help people instantly get past, “I need to think about it,” and just a ton of other truly unique and neat stuff.

The goal: To reach #1 at TODAY. No way Kevin can get there without your help and everything has to happen in a tight time period…

One by one, by hand, we say thank you and send you the secret website where you can download (many) or link to, to receive your Thank You Package. (Some of the stuff you can’t download…like a night on the beach in a condo in Florida…(cool huh?). And I’d tell you the most valuable experience in the package but you’d think it’s hype, so I won’t go there. If you need to see the Thank You Page with all the very nice gifts, go to

You’ll see… 🙂

The Thank You Package includes 40 sponsors, including me, who are encouraging you to pick up the book and giving you a significant incentive to do so. It’s an extraordinary package and even though there are several thousands of dollars of gifts and incentives, you probably won’t even get to them all, so literally the Thank You Package will really be worth closer to at least $1000 or so for you specifically.

What do you do?

*Please* pick up a copy of the book right now. The book is less than $25. At amazon, it will say, “Ships in 4-6 weeks when you go pick up your copy.” Fear not, you’ll have it much quicker than that. They will simply go out of stock for today.

Use this link and buy this book now. Buy Kevin’s Book!

**THEN forward your amazon receipt to

**You will personally be sent you a Thank You with your secret website location included.

I think you will find some neat stuff that will make you smile and then later in the day, maybe you can check in on the book at amazon and see how your contribution has made a difference on the best seller list.

Many, many thank yous.

Elsom Eldridge, Jr.

July 2021