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Consultants Will Want to Learn the Truth About PrePaid Legal

On Saturday, Sept 29, Court TV will feature a serious insiders look at PrePaid Legal. Harland Stonecipher, CEO and Founder of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. says, “A cause as critical as ours requires us to take immediate and decisive action to educate the public.”

This is an excellent opportunity for interested consultants to learn more. With identity theft as the fastest growing crime in the world today, consultants and coaches now have the added responsibility of protecting themselves while at the same time advising their client’s on the new dangers inherent in everyday business.

Be sure you schedule to watch this important show on Court TV and that you check the IGPC blog next week for more information on this topic. After the program, you may wish to consult with an associate for Pre-Paid Legal.

Consultants Will Want to View this Amazing Technology.

No matter what field of consulting, coaching or business you are in today, what you do and how you deliver services is impacted by techology.  

IGPC wanted to share this amazing You-Tube video with you. While this is tomorrow’s technology, assume that the clock is ticking fast and Microsoft (and no doubt others) will have this available sooner than you think.

The video is a little long (six-plus minutes) but watch it all the way through. Your imagination will begin to see the applications this concept will have in all our lives, and perhaps in your specific business niche.

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